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Meet Jerry

                                IJerry Scherer is a former                                                financial officer of Northwest                                        Industries, a Fortune 200                                                leader in planning, control and                                      data systems, where he                                                  pioneered the development

of computer solutions utilizing optimization and Monte Carlo simulation to facilitate management decision making. Jerry has also been a CFO and Controller of several manufacturing firms and was the Managing Partner of a consulting firm engaged

in providing decision support solutions. JB Scherer Consulting Group is a Value Added Reseller of the decision support tools of Palisade Corporation and provides those tools as well as risk modeling services to companies through PC-based strategic, tactical and financial decision models. Jerry also works with Bayesian mathematics to improve management decision making.

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    What We Do

  • Provide risk modeling services to companies.

  • Identify the key drivers in their plans, budgets or forecasts. What is the source of data behind those Key drivers? Each one of those drivers can be expressed as a range of values, determined by management opinion, expert opinion or historical behavior.

  • Using @RISKTM  software, an add-in to Microsoft Excel®the single point estimates are converted to probability distributions. 

  • Thousands of iterations are then run and a picture emerges of the risk and the sensitivity of each of the drivers.

  • You are able to see a wide range of outcomes and the likelihood of any one of them occurring.



@RISK is a registered trademark of Palisade Corporation

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation


    How We Add Value

We focus our time and talents on presenting a comprehensive picture of the risk inherent in a company's plans:


  • Remove uncertainty from revenue forecasts

  • Tackle the annual budget without rose colored glasses

  • Assess product lines that are not meeting their goals

  • Get a reality check on new product assumptions to resolve management doubts

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