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The Biggest RISK Your Company Faces Is Not Understanding Its RISKS!

Risk Modeling Services In The Midwest

You've just completed your plan, budget, forecast or analysis for next year or the next five years. All of the most likely case estimates are in your spreadsheet. 


But, there are uncertainties that are bothering you. You have a number of "What-ifs" and you don't know how to handle them. These are the things that we can help you with.  We create spreadsheet models (or tweak your spreadsheet models) to incorporate probability assumptions, thus enabling your plan, budget, forecast or analysis to present you with a picture of its risk. It's like flying in a flight simulator.


We can't make those risks vanish, but we can put you in a better position to decide whether those risks are worth undertaking before committing any of your precious company resources. You are also able to get a better understanding of the sensitivity of those risks and decide on strategies to mitigate them.  I am a former Chief Financial Officer with consistent success in defining and implementing appropriate strategies and tactics to mitigate risk.


Got risks? Welcome to the club. Call Jerry at JB Scherer Consulting Group. Sleep better. 847-835-1175 (Phone); 708-805-3300 (Cell)

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